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Developing Characters

Characters are the sentient beings, human or other wise that the plot in an RPG revolves around.

Developing CharactersEdit

The process of developing a character is a lot more complicated than many people realize. In order to make your character feel real, you have to put the work into it.

Character NamesEdit

Names are powerful in fiction. They can give a subtle hint to the reader (or in this case, the player) on the nature of the character. You can choose to either stick a name to a character and base their personality on your perception of that name, or create the character first, and the name later.

For contemporary names, imagine your character’s full name. First, Middle(s), Last. Is the family name paternal or maternal? Does he/she have any nicknames?

Fantasy names, on the other hand are somewhat easier. Usually just a concoction of the author’s mind, sometimes with a basis in history.

Character BackgroundEdit

The background is the most important aspect of your character. It will decide how your character thinks and acts. There are a number of factors to consider.

How was your character raised? In a family envorinoment? An orphanage? With a single mom? Single Dad? Two Dads?

What kind of education did your character receive? Did they graduate? What social group did your character most identify with in high school? College?

Does your character like to keep fit? What does he/she do to keep fit? Does your character play any sports? Can they swim?

What kind of music does your character like? Can they play an instrument?

What kind of mundanely interesting stories would your character have for the water cooler? Is he/she popular? Does he/she have any special skills?

These are just a few of the questions you should be asking.

Character PersonalityEdit

With any hope, your characters background will have pointed towards a particular personality style. It should give you a specific area with which to work with. From here on out, you’ve got a fleshed out, realistic character with a background, and a real sense of history. Kudos

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