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RPG Maker – Trap Room – Portals

Trap can be defined as “an obstacle or hazard”.

Trap Room

Generally there is always at least one trap room, or a room having a puzzle in the RPG (Role Playing Game) world. A simple online search on “RPG trap” room will return ideas, free online games, and a plethora of other possible options. The only end is one’s own imagination. Even the mousetrap was patented on November 4, 1879, by James M. Keep of New York. Traps and snares have been used through out history. No surprise trap rooms have bled into our games.

In the above video example, I use blind monks aimlessly running around. If touched by the player, then the player has failed. Note I use the trigger “Event Touch”. This allows the action within the Event Page to occur, without the need of an action of the character or player. Also the Priority must be “Same as Characters”.


Additionally, during the making of the video, we hit the “Event Limit” of nor more than 10 events in the game.

Taking the same idea of using the event touch, in the video above we create portals. Again, simply colliding the character with the item of interest, we get the results. We use a switch once more, to acquire a different result on one of the portals. As you have guessed switches are the meat and potatoes of the game play.

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