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RPG Maker – Join the Party

Remember, control switches remain on throughout the game, until they are turned off. Below is from our video example, where the control switch is turned on with one event, while the alternative outcome is in a separate event.





Keep in mind, however, if you use a control switch for a specific event or action, do not reuse the same switch later in the game. This will create a conflict, and introduce an error in your game play. KEEP NOTES, as you create your game play.



In our demonstration, I pointed out I wasn’t able to have my character “action touch” the Inn Keeper Sprite. Oddly, the table wouldn’t allow me either. To resolve this, I had a player touch event in front of the desk. While this only demonstrated a method for resolution, it will cause another issue. If you do not want your character to keep having this same dialogue, you would add an additional event page on the player touch, with the “Rick” switch on. This will continue your story line and game play.

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